Another Commission Messenger Bag Complete!

I am so lucky to be able to set up my booth at one of several local Art/Craft Fairs in my hometown each year. I get to talk to lots of people about my art, sometimes they buy something, often they don’t, but I get lots of compliments and every once in a while, somebody really clicks with my work! As you can well imagine, this is totally awesome, and one of the main reasons I keep making my Everyday Art! Julie is one of those people. She purchased a note taker from me a year or so ago, and then a couple of going green totes (some as presents I believe…) and she was SO EXCITED to finally order a custom messenger from me! Of course, this was in the craziness before Christmas, and then I had those 2 commission quilts with had and fast deadlines, so here it’s February already – I hope it  was worth the wait!


27 Responses

  1. Oh my word. This is adorable! I love the colors, love the birds! I love the key leash- I put those in all my bags too – makes a world of difference! So awesome! So you hand-dyed all of this fabric?

  2. Isn’t it the BEST THING EVER?! I do love it and it is so worth the wait! Candy is amazing. Thank you for the coolest bag I’ve ever had!

  3. Just love your choice of colors, design and placement….some people are just naturals! So practical too!

  4. very pretty! and looks very functional! it’s so wonderful to hear how you connect with so many people through your beautiful everyday art!

  5. Your thread sketching (that’s not quite what you call it, is it?) is so pretty. I am imagining it printed on fabric and am here to try to talk you into designing your own fabrics. 🙂 The bag is awesome, too. Of course.