Mid January Goals Meetup

How on earth did those 2 weeks go so fast? Oh – I started teaching again! I also had a real let down in my energy last weekend, probably due to the fact that I didn’t take any time to relax over the break! Anyway, if I get some problem solving done tomorrow, I should be able to finish the commission botanical quilt this weekend. I did get the big commission quilt off that list, as well as processing those studio pix for a magazine submission that’s been hanging over my head since early December, but not much else accomplished.

Item Date Due % Done
Studio pix processed and submitted
1/4/10 100%
Kay Commission Quilt 1/9/10 100%
Commission Botanical Quilt 1/18/10 0%
Messenger for Julie 1/31/10 0%
Netbook size Messenger for ME! 1/31/10 0%
Baby Quilts 1/31/10 0%
Little Wallet Tutorial 1/31/10 0%
Art Wall Interview 1/20/10 10%
Stephanie Levy Interview 1/31/10 10%
Setup new Inventory Tracking from Accounting SPOT 1/31/10 10%
3-d Birdhouses & 3-d Row Houses 1/31/10 0%
Dye Fabric for giveaway winners, 2 Sunset, 1 Aurora 1/31/10 0%
Website tweaked, finish buy me buttons, order page for bags 1/31/10 90%
Mystery Submissions 1/31/10 0%
Laptop bag for Mary 1/31/10 0%

Let’s see if I can get a good night’s sleep and gain some real momentum tomorrow after class! Wish me luck -> I’m gonna need it! Here’s what I’m gonna be thinking about:


3 Responses

  1. Taking a break is essential. I type those words and know I’m guilty of not taking one often enough. WE should all give ourselves a break 🙂

  2. Your to-do list is about as long as mine! lol It’s amazing how things add up and get pushed around during the holidays. I love the quilt with the wonky blocks and embroidered blocks.

  3. Taking breaks (or the lack there of) seems the theme of the month, really good reminder for all of us that the inspiration and energy does tend to sputter and collapse when there isn’t enough down time (and on that note I am shutting down the computer NOW), thanks for another reminder about that Candy, and Good Luck this weekend!