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As this year comes to a close, folks start writing posts about the year in review, and start making resolutions for the new year.Β  I am one of those folks who hate resolutions…for me, they would always involve weight loss, and end in failure. So, I did away with resolutions many years ago, they were too depressing to me. But last year, Lisa Call wrote so eloquently about her chosen word of the year that I did post about an “inclination”, which was:

I’m inclined to get myself and my little business out there in the blog-o-sphere more this year.

Oh, this makes me laugh with joy! Why? Because if I could go back in time and tell myself all the ways I’ve expanded online this year, the old me would have told the new me that I was NUTS! CRAZY TALK! My blog has turned into a full fledged website! Complete with a shop! Although it was a LOT of WORK, I know have the tool to really show people what I do. Oh, and the connections I’ve made? Amazing! I just spent a LONG time putting together an incomplete page listing all the sweet talk about Candied Fabrics I’ve come across. Now that it’s there, I hope that it keeps growing, and it’s now easy for me to stay on top of all you lovely people who mention me!

Although I’m still musing on what my “inclination” for next year should be, I do know that this blog has empowered me beyond my wildest dreams, and I want to keep building on that. So one thing I will for sure be doing this year is:

52 weeks of blogging your passion

You’ve heard me go on and on about her before, but Scoutie Girl Tara Gentile has written an e-book to help folks just like me to fine tune their blogs. She’s got some amazing advice on how to: “Boost Traffic, Beat Bloggers Block, and Communicate your Passion for Creativity”. These sound like 3 excellent “inclinations” for me to pursue in 2010! So I’m going to be using her e-book to make my blog the best that it can be. Becasue I’ve found that this here blog also boosts my artistic endeavors as well!

In interests of full disclosure: I actually didn’t have to pay for my copy of this book as Tara is using an image of mine! I’ve also joined her affiliate program, so if you do choose to purchase her e-book after clicking the link above, I get a cut! Affiliate programs = another thing I had no idea about! πŸ˜‰

In fact, I was a guest poster over on Scoutie Girl land this morning, talking about two very Inspirational Artists: Jane Davila & Sonji Hunt.


If you’ve been reading this blog at all, you know I made some ornaments earlier this month. I had the greatest time arranging them into compositions using all 3 dimensions. I know from that intense feeling of satisfaction that this working in 3 dimensions and using smaller works to construct a larger composition is the direction I shall be heading in 2010! All of this came about because of this blog…so thank you!

I hope you all have (or had!) a wonderful, safe, New Year’s Eve celebration…we’re staying at home, a couple of friends are coming over, dim sum will be made and consumed, and much playing of Wii Beatles Rock Band will ensue! | Blog | Shop | Twitter | Facebook | Email

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  1. I know what you mean about “resolutions.” Mine always included weight loss, too, because, of course, I “have such a pretty face if only I’d lose some weight”. I don’t hear that any more. Don’t know if that’s good or bad….lol. I used to swear I’d scream if I heard it one more time. Boy, that does a number on your self-esteem!

    I’ve quit ‘dieting’. It only took me 62 years (I’ve been doing it for about a year now), but I finally have been able to, mostly, eat healthier, with only the occasional eating for comfort. And, voila, I’ve lost about 60 pounds, most of which must be from my behind, because people walking/standing behind me keep saying “you HAVE lost weight.” Another one of God’s cruel jokes–I lost it, but I can’t see where I lost it. Just like my hair is still dark–in the back where I can’t see it……..sigh……..

    I love your blog, your kids are adorable, the little houses were to die for, and your shawls and other handmades/handdyes are fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2010 will bring to and from you!

    Enjoy the evening

    xoxo Linda

  2. Happy New Year to you! I like “inclination”. Like it a lot.
    Thanks for the heads up on the blogging e-book. Just what I need to start the new year!
    Wishing you a year of continued success with your beautiful work.

  3. Hi Candy, I came to your Blog via your post on “Whitney Smith’s” Pottery Blog. I just had to let you know that I LOVE your work. You totally have a new fan here! I’m a potter, but I am crazy about fabric. Your designs and creations are inspiring πŸ™‚