Checking my list! Presents Galore!

Phew! I finished off a lot of Christmas presents last night, and had time for a fun photo shoot this AM before I wrap them up and ship them out! I do love that there are several young gals that are on my list who will appreciate their own freshly picked shirt (ruffles or hoodies, pretty much the 2 ends of the spectrum in girlishness). And the Meyer lemons are very close to ripe!

These are off to Massachusetts:Nieces

Some lucky local gals:

3-sistersMy niece has a step-daughter and a new baby daughter, does that make these gals my nieces-once-removed? Whatever the title, these 2 are off to Ohio. I also had a commission for a gal who loves pink & purple!


My favorite tree for posing these shirts is VERY close to the pool, I have to concentrate where I’m standing so I don’t back into the pool! A cold shock for me, but even worse for my camera…see what I go through for my blog readers! 😉

Moving down the list – time to write an exam! (Boo! say my students!)

10 Responses

  1. Such beautiful outfits! I love the designs. You certainly have been able to marry art and science. 😎 Who needs a clean house, anyway? I say a clean house is a sign of a dirty mind. (I stole this, of course, from “a clean desk is the sign of a dirty mind.”

  2. the girls LOVE their shirts! they wore them layered over long sleeve tees today (it’s cold here) and they looked absolutely dynamite. they fit perfectly and the colors turned out just right. thank you!! 🙂