Almost Time to Celebrate

Yup, I’m down to 5 classes to teach, and the last show of the season I do is this weekend, a Holiday Boutique at the Redlands YMCA (S/S 9-4). I’m not bringing the “full monty” setup as I’m inside with a table, rather than outside in an EZ-UP, so it should be a much easier setup. I didn’t have any grand plans for lots of new things, and all my work dyeing lots and lots of scarves at the end of the summer is paying off, becasue although I’ve sold plenty this Fall, I still have plenty (of course, I still dyed 20 in the past 2 days for a couple of special orders and to fill in where there I’d totally sold out of Tiger Lily & Madrigals). I did get some more Going Green Gorilla Totes made, and I’ve dyed and embellished a couple of “newspaper boy” bags too. Hubby is in bed with a cold, so Stirling has been good company this evening.


Don’t forget, tomorrow is the last day for 20% in my Etsy shop, the sale ends at midnight PST:
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