Shopping with Scoutie Girl

I know I’ve mentioned Scoutie Girl before – but about 2 months ago, Tara started an auxiliary site – Scoutie Girl Gifts. It’s an “a collaborative, curated guide to buying handmade gifts”. What that means is that Scoutie Girl herself, as well as other folk, put together a group of handmade items with a common theme they’ve found on the web. Tara collages them all together and adds links directly to the sellers. The collages are beautiful in themselves, and the focus of them really runs the gamut. The site has some main categories, like “for the home” or “Bambino”. A couple of my favorites:scoutie girl gifts » home sweet home

For feetNow me, I’ve not even begun to contemplate Christmas shopping yet…have you seen my December to-do list? Lots of presents are on there, but I can’t make them all…so I’m gonna spedn some serious quality time of Scoutie Girl Gifts and see what I can turn up for those folks that I love so much! Why don’t you go take a look?

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