Gifts for Quilters!

Phew! That holiday weekend just FLEW by…and I was quite the busy bee. I had to do a huge studio tidy up, while I did that i found a UFO that was more finished than I thought! Gotta love that! It’s up on the design wall – it’s a Welcome quilt in the style of Charles MacKintosh I started … 3? years ago…I can’t even remember now! I put it away because I got a bit frustrated with trying to make everything look perfectly symmetrical. This was one of those “AHAH” moments I got while working on this piece – I don’t want to make things that look all perfect, it removes the human element (for me, anyway). And in this quilt I was trying to recreate some lovely typography – which needs to be perfect so that it doesn’t detract from the eyes ability to read smoothly and quickly across the page. I want my quilts to be savored and to have lots of things to see, not be this perfect set of shapes that the eye just zooms across. BUT, I still love this font…I’m going to leave this up for awhile and think about it!Clean-DeskIf you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know I’ve taken to posting my to do lists. I love this so much that I’ve expanded it a bit and turned my “inspiration” board into a “Git ‘er Done!” board, where all the stuff I need to be working on is posted right there. I can put invoices when I make an Etsy sale on there, and tracking info for recently shipped packages too! A simple thing, really, but it’s helped me get a handle on my pre-Holiday making!

Git-er-done-boardLook what my honey made me for my Birthday! A super duper strong keyboard “drawer” on really strong full extension slides. It’s got room for my mouse and my new Mac keyboard (even though my computer is a “mad Dog” PC, this keyboard is the BEST when it comes to fast typing!)


Gift suggestions for quilters anyone? Here are some lists to get you started:

I’m sending my hubby this list right now!

Don’t forget my Rainbow Sale going on all this week!

Rainbow Coupon Large

Now, I’ve gotta get back to my day job! sigh…

5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link! I love the purple quilt with a bit of green. Having your to-do lists in such a good visual format is a great idea, too!

  2. I need a Git ‘Er Done board! Really bad, lol! Love your new keyboard slider, I love those. And Candy, that quilt is just stunning……oh please finish it!