Giving Thanks

As we contemplate our full tables, surrounded by family & friends, there is so much to be thankful for. So many things, I’d be afraid to list them in fear of leaving something out! However, one HUGE thing I’m thankful for is this blog, and all the wonderful people who interact with me through it! I’m rather driven by the need to DO something (note: this is never exercise…wish it were, sigh!), so I don’t take lots of time to visit with people  via phone calls, a cuppa tea at the local Panera, a girls night out to the movies or what have you – I get too itchy! What started as an intense need to see awesome visual art via reading others blogs has become a way of communication. I find it easier to stop and think while reading and responding to the blog-o-sphere.

I know that part of that is because of the nature of the computer; it’s always around (usually) and doesn’t mind when I leave it mid-sentence, it’ll be there when I get back. So I can take the time to think and respond in the dribs and drabs of my day (admittedly probably too many dribs and drabs…my husband needs a bit more attention, WHEN he’s around to receive it!) A perfect example: In response to a question on Megan Rhodes’ blog the other week where she asked how people were living their dreams I wrote:

Although I have pie in the sky dreams that involve a never empty bank account, when I cut right down to what really matters, I AM living my dream! 2 awesome kids, a wonderful husband and a dog that makes me happy. A dayjob that I love with a pretty darn nice schedule to boot. Time and supplies to pursue my artistic passions. A supportive online community that grows larger every day (like I just found you via alamode Linda!).

All in all, if only my house were what it was worth the day we bought it over 5 years ago instead of ~$100K less, we would have just about the perfect life. So we try not to dwell on the $$$ stuff…but it does get in the way at times!

Indeed a wonderful post, it did the trick, making me realize how much I HAVE and how LUCKY I am…thank you!

See! She made me stop, take stock, and realize how awesome my life is. Thus, when I launched my new website I wanted to say thank you to all my friends I make online with an big giveaway. I ended up having 479 entries, 21 short of being able to give away the grand prize 🙁 BUT I did choose 5 luck folks who can either have a either a Habotai Scarf or 1/2 yard of fabric dyed in one of my 22 color palettes. And without further ado, they are:

Sue who wrote: I just love your new site. The Aurora combination on the scarves appeals to me! The colours you put together are so crisp and refreshing. I follow your blog from Down Under.

Melanie Kiser who wrote: Earth & Sky – gorgeous!

Judy Liebo a new Facebook Fan

Sarah Hayden who wrote: I love the simple but powerful colours in Burnt Fire. I am usually drawn to earthy tones but the red/grey combination is very strong! I have added your blog to my bookmarks (and I found you through Pink Chalk Studio). Congratulations!

Katy who wrote: Beautiful = all of it. Sunsets are my favorite and so is the scarf

I’ll contact you all later today, and need to hear from you by next Monday, please! I’d like to thank ALL of you for all your wonderful comments…and although I can’t send EVERYONE a scarf, I CAN offer you all a discount!

Rainbow Coupon Large

Now, I’ve gotta sign off and get cracking on the setting of the table etc… We’ve got a 26 pound turkey in the oven (yes, it’s THAT big..barely fit in the oven!). We should have 11 folk for dinner, then an extra 10 or so for dessert. So, what to you think, 9 pies for 21 people – is that enough? Maybe we’ll have an extra piece or two ;-), you’re welcome to come and indulge!Pie

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