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This week has been a crazy amount of catch-up as I scramble to get homework graded and my classes back on track after the big 3 day show I just did. I asked for, and received, advice on my booth display. This is one reason why I LOVE the internet – I find like-minded folk who care enough about my process that they follow along, and offer me well thought out advice when I’m asked. These comments fill me with joy, because they represent the thoughtfulness of complete strangers (well they WERE, they’re not NOW!)

As I struggle to get back in the creative saddle, I look to things I wanted to blog about when I was too busy. One of the features I’ve been thinking about adding to my blog is to try to explain about things that make me feel joyful, in the hopes that blogging about it will help me clarify WHY a particular thing makes me feel this way. And this somehow translates into my art.

During my frantic preparations the last couple of weeks, I hung the rompers on my pegboard, to keep them out of the way and not wrinkled while I figured out which size pants needed to get dyed what color (easier said than done, BTW, at least to my sleep deprived brain). Seeing them hung like that filled me with joy!

I had a few minutes the day before the show, and I attempted to recreate the shot minus the clutter:

This is close, but I think I prefer the rompers alone, without the pants, but since I had already basted the outfits, I wasn’t about to un-baste them.

So, what about these images fills me with joy?I think it is simple as the colors themselves, in a simple, repetitive pattern. The top set of clothes are made in the 1st color palette I pulled together 2 and a half years ago. I’m amazed that this set of colors still does it for me. It also makes me realize that choosing to limit color choices for a particular series of work was the right thing for me to do. The bottom set are dyed in my third, new palette, pulled around that delicious plum it took me a few tries to dye properly. I love these colors, and can’t wait to do more. So today, I leave this open, continuing discussion with distilled as:

Joy: Color & Repetition

As always, thanks so much for joining me here!

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  1. Color + repetition = exactly why I quilt. That’s what does it for me. Funny how the same things that bring us joy can help us create in such different ways!