Quilting Arts Open Studio

I took a video of my studio yesterday. Big surprise, I had a lot to say, so the video is split in 2:



Here’s a link to a tutorial on how to recover an office chair like mine.

Here’s a link to a tutorial on how we built mydouble sewing machine table.

For those who don’t have the time to watch the video, I also have a pictorial tour of my studio from right after we put new flooring in at Christmas time CLICK HERE to get the text and more images..




Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by!

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  1. Great studio! I’ll be right over to play. I also have the Juki and I adore it too. Maybe we should start a Juki fan club!

  2. What a great space!!!! The build in desk space is wonderful. I was not brave enough to open my closet yet today. I’m saving that for the next post. Blessings

  3. Loved visiting your studio — you have a wonderfully functional and lovely space. It was fun also to see your desk chair tutorial. If you have time, stop by my blog in the Open Studio Tour and have a virtual cup of tea with me!

  4. What a GREAT studio!!!!!!! I love it. I use an old table for my ironing board, dh put it on wheels for me and I love it. I’d have everything in my house on wheels if I could, lol! Thanks for the tour, Candy!

  5. Hi, Thanks for showing me round your wonderful studio. I think this whole virtual studios idea has been brilliant to see where others work and how they solve the perpetual storage problems. Come on over to my space in England and have a look at my studio.
    Thanks again for the tour xx

  6. Great videos! And a great use of space. Your design wall looks interesting…perhaps you can talk about that in the next one!!! Thanks for the tour.

  7. I’m so glad I took the time to watch the videos ~ you shared not only your studio details, but your reasons for setting things up the way you did. Simple things like having an area for establishing your next color pallette & living with it for awhile before actually using it are wonderful tips. You have a very functional studio. Thanks for sharing it with us. I’m glad I came by…. I not only enjoyed your studio tour, but your art is beatiful!

  8. I wasn’t able to watch the videos until just now. Wow, your studio looks like it’s just perfect for what you do. I love that your closet curtain also functions as your photo backdrop. That’s efficient! My favorite thing is the built in desk and cubby holes that surround your window.