New Business Cards!

My new business cards are in – and I LOVE them! PSPrint is the company I used this time. They are

  • Pretty inexpensive ($38 for 250 with full color both sides including shipping) with no download fees
  • I chose the slowest shipping option, they upgraded me to a faster one
  • PSPrint often has sales (one of the reasons they were so cheap),
  • Closely compare to MOO quality, (not QUITE as thick) but the price made the difference for me (I do like that you can have lots of different photos on the back of MOO cards, but the cost really was much higher)

Here’s a quick photo:

The file’s I sent them are pictured here

Thanks again to all the folks who chimed in with their 2 cents – I really love these, and you all helped!

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  1. Hi Candy,
    Your new cards look awesome! I just wanted to mention that I’ve been using Vistaprint for some of my “publicity” supplies and they’re incredibly affordable. Plus you can link through to them from and get a decent cash rebate. I don’t work for either of them, heehee, but I do like to share a good bargain when I find one!
    Good luck!