Business Cards & Banners Ordered!

Well, I had to scurry and take advantage of 60% off business card prices at PSPrint that expires on Monday. A couple of weeks ago I got some EXCELLENT advice from 18 kind readers…thank you all again!

Most of us (me included) like the informality of Saginaw better, so  I decided to go with that. I did change the kerning around the letter i to make the name more legible, as well as other small tweaks to size and spacing. I’ve also decided to make them 2-sided!

PsPrint business card back outlines


Then, when I need more business cards, I can make them feel new by putting a different image on one side, but not have to fuss with the other side (that’s the hope anyway, I’m such a tweaker that I’ll probably do it anyway!And since I was in the swing of things, I also designed a vinyl banner to hang at the top of my EZ-Up for shows, this thing is going to be 8’ wide by 1’ tall:

Candied Fabrics 8' Banner Outlines

And another sign to cover the front of my stand I use to store packaging and have customers write checks on, about 2’ wide by 4’ tall. Only TODAY did I discover live trace and use it to trace 2 of my birdies from a picture of one of my art quilts…holey MOLEY, what I’ve been missing! All those lollipop flowers I drew by hand in Illustrator, who knew there was an easier way…NOT ME! Oh well, I know now!

Candied Fabrics 22 by 41 Sign OUTLINES

The cheapest place I’ve found to print banners is Empire Banners, I’ll let you know if they’re any good!

I’m really liking these! And I REALLY like that they’re DONE! Phew!

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  1. Try Vista Print… Free is best! The printing that is and then pay small amount of shipping… I got one of their 3″x1.5″ banners and liked it – Free and only 3 bucks shipping and about 3-4 bucks to upload my own art. – same with business cards 250 free!

    After you pay to upload your art the once you can use it on other stuff no charge (just a one time charge).

    Love your stuff!