Busy Day

I spent several hours today meeting with the 3 other members of the operating board for an art show we’re planning for november. We started “Artists for a Cause” about 2 years ago, with the intention of donating 20% of our proceeds to a local Redlands charity each year. Our 1st year we were a group of 6, last year we added 3 more for a total of 9, and now, we’re really expanding and will have a total of 14 local artists, as well as 2-3 Art Students from the University of Redlands. I love working with these ladies, and it feels great to be working for a local cause, but man, planning a show is a LOT of WORK!

I’ve been asked to submit 2 articles on photographing & how I built my light tent, so that’s been another thing on my plate – I sent that off at 9PM tonight, so a big woohoo there! I’ll let you know if/when it’s published

And, Stirling makes the big time again – this time, he’s part of a “pets on furniture” post on Desire to Inspire!

I’m in the throes of dyeing lots of pieces of canvas, so boring pictures there, here’s a picture of me mid-organizing and photographing scarves from the other day, just in case you thought I’m being a slacker!


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  1. That’s a really nice setup for photographing your work. I was going to ask about it, then I saw the previous post with your scarf photos.

    I know what you mean about time spent on-line, it’s getting almost ridiculous, but the benefits are definitely there.