The Most Wonderful Day of the Year!

Yup! It’s the 1st day of school for my boys! Both of them! WooHoo!


This means I’ve got 3 and a half weeks to get lots of fabric dyed and other Candied Fabrics business stuff wrapped up. I also have to get my fall classes ready to go, but now I’ve got a glorious 6 hours every day with no-one saying “I’m bored”!  Logan, my 8 year old, just got his glasses yesterday…he was ecstatic when he found out last week he finally needed glasses, and was very anxious to get them before school started. 1st-day-of-school-09-06Of course, I’ve been spending the day wondering how they’re doing…1st-day-of-school-09-10

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  1. AWWWWW…Logan looks so cute!!!! Did you hear Kendyll got glasses too. She looks really grown up in them!!! She was very excited to get them as well.

  2. Awww – they look far too happy, lol! Love Logan’s new glasses, very smart. My youngest was quite happy when he got his too, everyone had them except him. sigh. Enjoy the peace and quiet!~