Idaho Report!

We had a great visit with family in Sandpoint, Id.


My Stepsister Pam lives there, with her awesome hubby Tommy, and her cutie-patootie son Max! Looking through my pix for this post, I realize I don’t have a picture of my Mom & Stepdad, who also were visiting Sandpoint! Oh, well!

I had a little trunk show, that a bunch of her friends who work at the Coldwater Creek main office came to. Believe it or not, all this stuff fit in 1 and a half Rubbermaid totes!

DSC_0002 blog

Showing off my journals for the 1st time:DSC_0007 blog 

Pam & Me!


Me and the boys – Logan needs to learn to stand still for a picture!

DSC_00113 blog

Of course, I forgot to take pix during the event, but a lot of fun was had by all!

Liam spent each day fishing with my husband in the nearby streams. Logan, Max & I got a short visit to the beach at Lake Pend Oreille.

Tommy & Max (Hold your horses ladies, he’s happily married to my stepsister!)DSC_0142 blog

Logan having fun:

DSC_0092 blog 

Max is NOT so sure about the beach!

DSC_0013 blog

We then got to visit with even more family, we spent the evening with Andrew’s sister & brother-in-law in Missoula, where I finally have normal speed internet.

But NOW…it’s off to Yellowstone, land of NO INTERNET! Wish me luck! AAAHHH – 8 days without blogging, reading blogs, twittering…whatever will I do???

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  1. That looks so fun! LOVE the pic of all your stuff, but can’t believe it fit in one and a half rubbermaid totes! The kids are SO cute.
    What will you do without internet? ENJOY YOURSELF!

  2. Wish we were there with you guys!!!!! Looks like you all had soooo much fun 🙂

  3. LOL @ “Hold your horses ladies, he’s happily married to my stepsister” —> well, he’s married at least. baawaahahahaha!

    We LOVED having you… I hope we can do it again. Next time, we go to Yellowstone too!