17 Years and counting

18 years ago, the last Saturday in June, my husband & I had our first official “date” – he cooked me dinner and we talked until…early in the morning.

52 weeks later we were married. Lots of rain, a huge tent in the yard of my Mom & Step-Dad to be, good music, pretty flowers, awesome food, an incredible day. I wish we’d had digital camers back then. For now, a quick couple of shots from my album (literally, I photographed the pics).

17 Years and counting_0003 copy 17 Years and counting_0006 copy

Until Andrew, a certain part of my energy was always spent wishing I had someone just like him. Now that I do, I can direct all that energy into living…

Raising these two (whoops – 3!) munchkins:

Stirling 10 weeks 132 copy NCITRUS12Apma.JPG Logan is 8 022 copy Xmas 1 Home June 09_41 copy Teaching:

Mother Earth 09 017

And of course, all that I talk about on this here blog!

Often times, paying attention to him when he’s and the end of another long day doesn’t happen…but it’s only because of him that I can be so happy and full of energy to pursue all that I do.

Happy Anniversary Honey!

8 Responses

  1. Awe! Love the wedding pics!! <3 SOooooo much better than mine …. being that I was 7 months pregnant at the Hitchin' Post! LOL! Lord help me!

  2. candy, your wedding dress looks like it was made with such care…even the detail at the hem. i liked the flowers in your hair too! such a soft look and not overdone. best of all, you look glowing and happy. just as it should be : )

  3. HOLY CRAP….18 years!!! That means my baby..your nephew.. is going to be 19!!! I still remember Ryan and the other little boy “chasing” each other around Mema’s coffee table!! Great day!!! Happy Anniversary to you both. We miss you alot!