I’m a Lucky Duck!

I have won ANOTHER giveaway! From a company that I find inspirational: Ecojot is a Canadian company makes 100% post-consumer recycled paper products. So, they are BEAUTIFUL as well as very Earth Friendly!

I was first drawn to their stuff by seeing Carolyn Gavin’s art somewhere on the internet. Her cartoony style, combined with awesome color combinations are right up my alley! Her blog is full of inspirational eye candy!

The contest was sponsored by “Ecojotter”, an “Eco-Enthusiast” who has a blog devoted to all things Ecojot.

What did I win? Feast your eyes on these:

Ecojot01 copy

A perpetual agenda, along with 2 sweet little notebooks. I’ve also been looking around my area to see if any local stores carry this line, and lo & behold, my local Barnes & Noble does, so I had to but that cute medium notebook to complete my collection!

One of the new things I’d like to make is a journal cover, very similar to my notetakers, but holding a spiral bound notebook instead of the tear off pad. One of the issues that I’ve been fussing over with this idea is what notebook to put inside…well, I think I’ve solved that problem:

Image source http://www.ecojot.com/

These fit the bill perfectly…Eco-sound sketchbooks, with a nice stiff cover, begging to be part of a little Candied Fabrics Art. It’s a little scary contemplating ordering a bunch of these wholesale, without any idea if they would sell. What do you think?

Eco-jotter is hosting a little contest over on Flickr, asking folks to photograph their Ecojots in action, so as I’m using my new agenda to plan our Yellowstone vacation, I thought it would be a great shot:

Ecojot02 copy

The contest is decided by the number of stars and comments a particular photo gets, so if you’d like to go vote for mine…well that would be awesome!

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  1. Hi Candy, I have given your blog an award. I have learned a lot from you and love seeing all your wonderful wares. Keep the award for yourself or pass it on to others. Wishing you well Chris @ Dyecandy