Getting unblocked

Lisa Call wrote a post about being blocked last night (scroll down it’s at the end). I wrote such a long response to her that I though it blog worthy, as it speaks to where I’ve been lately!

I too get blocked when I have so many things that I want to do, and some silly thing gets in my way. One way that helps me is to physically clear up/clean out something that’s been bothering me. Some of it was forced upon me, and right now what I’m doing is reorganizing a large portion of the house…projects that I’ve been wanting to do for a LONG time, but finally had the extra $ to buy the extra bookcase and the husband has a day or 2 free to help with the large moving. A trip to Ikea yesterday netted not only the extra bookcase we needed, but *insert choir of angels singing* a chaise lounge for ME! My beloved Gigi (my maternal grandmother who passed away when I was in college) had a pink satin chaise lounge in her bedroom, with a pink satin down duvet (I called it a “puff”) that I used to sleep on when I was a girl. It has created a very fond place in my mind for chaise lounges. On our way to the checkout we stopped at the as is and lo and behold:

image (except it didn’t look like this, it was an unslipcovered, footless version.) Although I originally was going to make a slipcover for it, after a check on the price on the white cotton slipcover, that also made it’s way into the basket. The slipcover is now in buckets on my back lawn, being dyed a crumple green. I CAN’T WAIT!

What also helps and doesn’t cost money or needing hubby’s time is cleaning/re-organizing the studio. If there’s too much clutter, I find I can’t work. If it looks like this:
Then WooHoo! wild animals can’t drag me out of it. So I decluttered the studio yesterday, and this would have been enough to get me back on track if I didn’t have this other huge project to get to – so I’ll get that done and then ShaZaam! I should have 2 really nice spaces for creating in and relaxing in after creating!

I’m back to sorting books for the big book move of 2009! Posts to come!

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