Monthly Goal Meetup: June

Phew! Another month has FLOWN by! Mayterm is always a huge amount of work for me, and Commencement and assorted activities is another time suck, but then comes summer vacation! Unfortunately it started with the evacuation and then enforced whole house cleaning caused by tenting for termites 🙁 So, lets see how I did!

Item Date Due % Done
Little Wallets 5/9/09 20%
Dye & IRON 47 scarves 5/9/09 100%
Custom Bag info album 5/9/09 100%
Send out package for giveaway 5/9/09 100%
RAA Newsletter 5/11/09 100%
Medium tote for Nicholle’s sister 5/30/09 100%
Color Fields Quilts 5/31/09 15%
Cool Colors quArt 5/31/09 0%
Candied Fabrics Quilt 5/31/09 0%
3-d Birdhouses 5/31/09 0%
Mega-messenger for Linda (never finalized) 5/31/09 0%
Laptop bag for Liz 5/31/09 0%
3-d Row Houses 5/31/09 0%
Scarves Website Created 5/31/09 0%
Clutch for Mrs. Adama 5/31/09 100%

I did get a lot done, and some of these were pie-in-the-sky goals, and some of these goals have changed altogether. So, without further ado, lets set up a new list!

Item Date Due % Done
RAA newsletter 6/8/09 20%
Little Wallets 6/30/09 20%
Laptop bag for Liz 6/30/09 0%
Tote for Co 6/30/09 0%
Laptop bag for Mary 6/30/09 0%
AFHS Application Due 6/30/09 0%
WEBSITE! ?? 5%
Camera Bag for Liam 6/30/09 0%
4 warm clutches 6/30/09 0%
Journal covers 6/30/09 0%
Art Book for Sue B. call 6/30/09 0%
5 cool clutches 6/30/09 0%
Large Messenger for ME! 6/30/09 0%
Cool Colors quArt 6/30/09 0%
Color Fields Quilts 6/30/09 15%
3-d Birdhouses 6/30/09 0%
3-d Row Houses 6/30/09 0%

That WEBSITE! item really needs to be broken down into several steps. The great thing is that I’ve got my very own web designer who works for Art! Meet Mary:


A former student of mine who is a Computer Science major and is making a website for me! WooHoo! This’ll be lots of work, but I know I’ll be happy about it in the end.

I’m off to the RSO Gala – aka prom for grownups!

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  1. Haha yeah, it does need to be broken down into MANY categories. Sorry Allie, I don’t make house calls 🙂 But I’m sure there are plenty of starving college students out there with computer skills!
    PS- Super excited to see my bag on the list!

  2. Web design is such a monumental undertaking, but you will reap the benefits when it’s complete! I like your percentage breakdown. It reflects progress. Best of luck in June. Wishing you smooth sailing!

  3. Love your photo!
    I like the way you’ve broken it all down…An inspiration for us who are slackers! 😉
    Good luck with your new goals.

  4. WOW! I love how you’ve set out your goals, super organised! I like the percentages too, so that even if something isn’t 100%, you’re acknowledging what work you have done towards them. Best of luck for June, hope its another successful month for you, Glitterysah x