Commencement 09

In case you’ve ever wondered what it looks like from the stage, here is a very vague picture of what graduation looks like from one of us faculty sitting on the stage looking out at the grads (you can see the dark of their black caps & gowns)  and their families:

Commencement combined copy

A wonderful ceremony on a beautiful campus. We lost a Physics Major senior over spring break to a tragic accident caused by a wrong way driver. The ceremony to grant his degree posthumously to his parents was  thoughtfully, tastefully done, and still makes me weep. David used to study at the table right outside my office door. Very sad. But I’m so grateful that I work at a University whose student body is small enough that we very rarely lose a student…but when we do, the community can support those in pain, and recognize in a meaningful way the loss to us all.

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  1. Yes! I’ve been behind the scenes at the University of Chicago’s graduation many times. I was Director of Donor Relations and part of our per view was all things presidential. I used to have to help all the “dignitaries” with their hoods, sashes, etc. Fun.