We have a winner!

Well, there were 93 comments and the winner is…# 37! Kim! I’ve emailed her toRed Dirt Sp 09 013 let her know, and if I don’t hear from her before next Friday, I’ll draw another # – after the NEXT show (and last ‘til the Fall) I do – Saturday & Sunday of Mother’s Day weekend.

The show had incredibly awesome weather – after temps in the 100’s earlier in the week and then a threat of rain, it was just a bit cool and cloudy that turned into sun! Yay!

The turnout was fair, and I did make a fair number of sales – but they were all quite small, basically scarves and the going green totes. I usually sell at least one or 2 of the big bags, a few clutches and at least one piece of art, and this time none of those sold 🙁 To look on the bright side, I’ll have a nice full booth at my next show, Art in the Park, May 9 & 10. I hope it’s just the economy that’s affecting things and I hope that it hurries up and fixes itself! One encouraging thing was to have the other participating artists come up and comment on how they like seeing me have new stuff at each show – I’m glad they noticed…I always have a hard time getting away from the booth for more than a few minutes, and regret I don’t get more time to visit with them!

I’m pretty happy with the setup, and I think that hanging the market totes off the shopping cart (thanks Lizzi!) is quite ingenious, don’t you? I’d like to buy a banner or two to string across the top of the EZ-up, and I’d like to make a quilted sign to hang on the front of my stand…perhaps by the Fall show season!

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  1. Being a retailer I can relate. Our antique shop is doing okay but nothing near what we used to do. Shows are impossible for us to do and come out with enough to warrant the work. Lots of lookers out there but not much else. By the time we pay the booth rent and our other expenses it is not worth it.

    Hopefully times will change soon or people will just “need” to spend some money.

    Your space looks fabulous and I for one would have a hard time not buying some of your items.