Selling Art

Tonight I sold a piece of art I was still attached to:

Home Cabot Trail (37)

Home Cabot Trail (40)

Yup, I sold “Home is Where the Art is: #3, Cabot Trail”. A friend of mine is going to give it to some friends of hers for their wedding present. I’m happy that she wanted to buy this, and I’m sure her friends will appreciate it…but oh, it was harder than I thought to let it go! I’m hoping that it’s because it was so new…I made it in January, but it spent 6 weeks in a gallery, so I haven’t been able to spend much time with it! I’ll have to make another something with this color palette – soon!

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  1. Oh it’s so lovely, it would break my heart to part with it! But still….sigh. Congratulations. I don’t mind selling stuff I’ve had to look at for a long time, but the new stuff? Ouch.

  2. oh, this is lovely! i am so hooked on the house/tree motif in my own work, and i really like your 3-d use of it, as well as all your bright colors! wheeee!!!

  3. Congratulations on your sale! And I do know how it feels not to be quite ready to let go. But you’re right, you can make more that will amaze you just as much as this one.

    These are a wonderful series!