Art House – Take 1 & 2

One art quilter who has been quite an inspiration to me is Jane Davila. Last Spring she posted about a 3-d house she made – it’s AWESOME! Please go look, I’ll wait. I love the way that each side is it’s own little quilt unto itself, but the whole things works together as well. I love how the pieces suggest a house, but is not wholly representational.

Anyway, this concept has been kicking around my head for awhile. Jane published a simplified verison of this in the Quilting Arts Gifts magazine this winter.  Although I wanted to make some little holiday houses, that never transpired. But then, the deadline of the Redlands Art Association Mini Multi Media show reared it’s head. For this show, “mini” means anything that is 14″ square or less OR anything that can fit in a 14″ cube.  This 3-d aspect made me want to try to make a little art house to enter.

Take 1

I made this simple one the size Jane used in the magazine. I just grabbd whatever scraps I had to hand, I just needed to try out the assembly method. Knowing that my little one would want it, I added a window and a door so his Lego people could go in & out!



So, my son loves it, and I can make a house out of peltex. But I definately want to make a larger one, this one is about 4″ x 6″.

Take 2

Scaling up, I chose a piece of multi colored fabric and some mottled solids that  have the same hues and set about making 8 little art quilts – 4 for the outside on a layer of batting, the inside ones were constructed on either stacy fusible (the purple ones) or craft fuse. I didn’t try to create any sort of cohesiveness between these – rather I was trying out my different styles of construction, trying to get a feel for what would work and what wouldn’t. Here are the sides before construction:



Here it is during construction – that last seam is a doozy!


And the final result. It definatley is all over the place stylistically, but it served its purpose, I know that all the different types of quilting I would want to do will work well.







Now on to something that works well together!

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  1. Wow! Your house looks fantastic! Talk about taking an idea, running with it and making it your own.

    And that last seam IS a doozy. It helps to chant “you’re not the boss of me” repeatedly under your breath while you’re sewing it. LOL