Commence baking for the festival of pie!

Festival of Pie 2005
Festival of Pie 2005

The kitchen is FULL of ingredients, and I’ve begun the holiday baking. We’ll have 10-12 folk at the dinner table, and another 5-10 will join us for dessert later, which we call the “Festival of Pie”! As we can’t leave out anyone’s favorite, we just make them all:

  1. Pumpkin (2)
  2. Apple
  3. Cherry
  4. Mincemeat
  5. Lemon Meringue (with new Meyer lemon’s from our tree – yay Southern California)
  6. Red Coach Grill Chocolate (a.k.a. Uncle Chris’s Favorite, never mind that he’s never had Thanksgiving with us, since the 1st year Andrew & I were married, in 1992).
  7. Sugar Cream (for the Hoosier in all of us)
  8. Sweet Potato Pecan

Bring on the elastic waist pants!

Enjoy the day!

Festival of Pie 2006
Festival of Pie 2006

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