Wish me Luck!

I’ve put a lot of work into this show, and today’s the day!

I spent way too long making these:


grab-n-go-0051000But I Love my new color pallette!



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  1. Caroline: The bags are made from cotton duck that I dye to get that texture that everyone says looks like suede! It makes for a good conversation starter when the umpteenth person walks by the booth!

    Tiff: Stay tuned!

    Sunnie: The Grab-n-go’s are $35, and 4 of the 5 got up and went! (including your favorite!)

    Thanks for stopping by y’all!

  2. Hey Candy,
    I bought one of your Grab-n-go’s @ your show yesterday for my student worker as a Christmas present, but COULDN’T WAIT until Christmas to give it to her! LOL 😉 …so I gave it to her when she came in for work this morning… and of course she LOVES IT as much as I did. 😉 Thanks again! Rox ~