Mega Messengers!

Phew! 5 huge messenger bags made just in time for my show this Sunday. Here are some quick pix, not very good quality, but you get the idea!

15" x 12"x 5", handle adjusts 24"-44", 5 outside pockets, 5 inside pockets, D-ring, key strap, & adjustable buckle closure

I'm using a new key clip, as well as an adjustable squeeze buckle.
Which one is Your Favorite? I'd like to take one for myself, but I can't decide! 😉

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  1. Peppermint Patcher – I know, it’s now easy! I’ll probably wait and see what sells then take one of the leftovers…but I’m completely open to the possibility that they all sell and I’ll have to make more 😉

    Sunnie – Yes I do! See:

    I won’t have time to tweak/re-photograph adn put them up in my Etsy shop until December (I’ve got 3 shows before then)…but if you see one you love, give me a holler!