My kid could paint that…

One of the comments I’ve heard about art quilts being shown at a traditional quilt show is the phrase “I could do that, what is so special about this quilt?” I’ve just come across mention of a movie that addresses this type of attitude even more head on:


I MUST see this movie!

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  1. ooooooooooh. i want to see that too.
    i was so stoked when i saw her for the first time a year or more ago, but so bummed when i heard that some people think its a spoof. (she is helped) i cant wait to see it for myself. shes an addorable little girl reguardless!

  2. In Spain there is a saying refering to Venetian glass in which a farm hand, seeing the process for the first time says something like:

    “Anybody can do it, it’s just blowing”