Mini bags

How cute are these? A couple of tweaks and then I’ll make a few for the shop and my booth.

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  1. OMG — you’re killing me!! I think I’m gonna have to order myself a present. I can’t decide on a mini tote or the messenger bag! Are you doing wallents too? I’d need one to match! LMAO . 🙂

  2. The goal is to have whole set of designs:

    3 sizes of totes (all done)
    3 sizes of messenger bags (got the smallest size just about right)
    1 clutch type pouch (done, but need a good name for it)
    Small & large wallet and checkbook cover (still need to work out the patterns on these)
    And then of course the notetakers to go with them!

    Then once I’ve made a bunch of all of them, people may want to request a certain set of colors/motifs for a couple of these to coordinate as a special order. That is assuming I still want to make them…I’m just about done with making totes, unless it’s a special order.