June Lake: Working on a New Color Palette

A good friend has asked me to create a new multi-color fabric palette of some very specific blues, greens and ochre. She wanted it quite dark and muddy, with lots of blue. Here’s the first test:

June Lake 1st Try

This was too muddy with not enough blue for her, so I removed the dark grey and added a blue tone:

June Lake Round 2

It still wasn’t right, I suggested we add another light value, this light green/ochre color on the left side:

We also readjusted the proportions of each of the 5 hues, I dyed those yesterday and here’s the result:

June Lake Round 3

She likes this one, but also the second try, so I think there’s another round of trials still coming. Here’s round 3 with all of the single colors as well:

I’m calling this palette “June Lake” because she has a cabin up there that I’ve visited, and these colors are very reminiscent of that area!