Quilting Arts TV Episode 2607

It truly does seem like a literal lifetime ago that I spent a couple days in Cleveland taping four episodes of Quilting Arts TV. I had a fabulous time, and while I was in the air returning to the West Coast, my University made the decision to switch to online teaching within a week, followed quickly by both my boys universities making the same decision. All post-taping euphoria was wiped out and I had to dive into the deep end of learning how to deliver the same kind of courses I taught in labs to my students online. UGH!

Anyway, fast forward to now and the episodes I taped are now being shown on PBS! I thought I’d share a bit about each of the three episodes airing this season (the fourth is “in the can” for next season) as the begin to show here in my region of Southern California. You can purchase the whole season as a digital download or see it on your PBS station by searching for “Quilting Arts” on your tv menu. The first episode I’m in is episode 7 entitled “In the Studio”, where I show how to make a simple purse featuring indigo dyed fabric using a glue resist technique inspired by African mudcloth.

Each artist writes up a pattern/how to for their episode, this season they’ve been combined into an e-book you can download for free (you will need to share your email…). Also, if you purchase a subscription to Quilting Arts Magazine, they’ll send you the entire season of QATV for free!

Anyway, I want to share some photos of my time taping this episode:

Although they’ve sent me digital copies of my episodes, I’ve yet to watch them, I always get quite nervous! I was hoping to have a “watch party” with a few friends to lend me courage…

I’ll be sure to blog again and share info from the other 2 episodes I taped, 2612 & 2613.