Show Update | Art, for Heaven’s Sake 2019

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks, but the big show I do each Fall is in the bag! This year, being all alone at home, I had to count on some friends to help me get set up, and boy were they awesome! Now that I only have my own car, a Toyota RAV-4, I had to make 2 trips to get all my stuff to the church (which luckily is only a couple miles away from my new house. I took all the booth infrastructure down to the church Thursday afternoon. Friday morning I got all the stuff that needs to be in the booth packed in the car so I could head to the church as soon as my class at the UoR was over. My Friend Julie helped me get the infrasturcutre all set up, it took us about 2 hours for that part:

Then, my friend Caryl came by and helped with hanging all the art up on my new mesh panels:

I was in a slightly different spot than I usually am so was able to put more big art quilts on the outside of one of my walls:

I was totally finished by 6, just enough time to go home, take a shower and have a quick bite before heading back for the opening reception:

It was well attended, and the night went quickly! Next day was the long one, from 10am – 7 pm. Things were quite busy for the most part, but it slowed down by 5 and frankly, the added hours at the end of the day netted no sales for me or most of the artists I talked to. However, I was super happy with how my booth looks!

Sunday was a bit slower, and at 5 Julie came back, along with my friend Barbara and my friend Adele’s son James with his SUV. We all worked together to get everything packed up in the two cars and we were all unloaded back at my house within 2 hours. That was AWESOME! I have super awesome friends who made this scary adventure super doable.