October Goals Check-in

Art, for Heaven’s Sake is fast approaching! Lets see how I’m doing on my goals!

October Goals

Increase scarf stock October 17      100%
Indigo Dyed DishtowelsOctober 17       0%
Indigo VotivesOctober 17      50%
New Mudcloth Zip Bag October 17     100%
New Shibori Zip Bag October 17     100%
6 more zip wallets
(1 gold, 1 purple, 2 red, 2 teal)
October 17     0%
Oct/Nov FMQ ClassOctober 23, 30, Nov 6     0%
Calendar Email SentOctober 1     0%
Baby Quilt for EmmaNovember 1   10%
New Online Shop!!!!ASAP  20%
Stripey Quilt for Living RoomBackburner-ish   2%
Dye Slipcover for MaryBackburner-ish   0%
Move online classes to new hostingBackburner-ish   0%
New Quilt for LoganBackburner-ish   0%
New Quilt for LiamBackburner-ish20%
Indigo ThrowBackburner-ish   0%
Update Tutorials on WebsiteBackburner   0%
Update Galleries on WebsiteBackburner   0%
Mod House Quiltback burner   0%

I don’t think I’m going to get to the dishtowels, and I totally forgot about the wallets until I checked in on this list! I want to get more votives done first, then the wallets if there’s time!