Cypress Craftsman | Cleaning the Garage

While the electricians were working in the house, Logan and I undertook cleaning the garage, which included demolishing a weird, non-functional storage cabinet that had been built right around a workbench. Ugh! There were LOTS of spiders, so I first had the pest control guy out to take care of that, and then we could get to work!

We also installed 3 LED shop light fixtures, which made a huge difference! This garage is going to be part storage, part workshop, part VW bug parking (if there’s room for it…we shall see…)

All those plastic bins are scarf blanks and PFD fabric. They were in a cabinet in the laundry room and totally left behind by the movers (along with all that other stuff in the garage). ALWAYS make sure you have time (or an awesome realtor) to go through EVERY SINGLE CLOSET one last time, it would have been a disaster to have left these behind!

Yep, moving STINKS!