Show Prep

Well, a lot has been going on here, and I’ve got a big show this weekend

Here’s where my goals are:

May Goals

Girl Scouts Indigo Dyeing Patio Class May 5      100%
FMQ Club May 15      100%
Glendora Fiber Guild Lecture May 17      100%
Increase scarf stock May 23      100%
4-8 more zip & go bags May 23        50%
May FMQ Class May 22, 29, June 5      0%
Calendar Email Sent June 1      0%
Baby Quilt for Emma June?    10%
New Online Shop!!!! ASAP   20%
Stripey Quilt for Living Room Backburner-ish    2%
Dye Slipcover for Mary Backburner-ish    0%
Move online classes to new hosting Backburner-ish    0%
New Quilt for Logan Backburner-ish    0%
New Quilt for Liam Backburner-ish 20%
Indigo Throw Backburner-ish    0%
Update Tutorials on Website Backburner    0%
Update Galleries on Website Backburner    0%
Mod House Quilt back burner    0%


I had a lot of teaching this month, with more still to come. I’m only going to get 4 more zip & go bags done, here’s where I was by the end of last night: