My Adventure in San Francisco with Logan et al.!

It’s been a month since Logan and I drove up to San Francisco to visit his favorite college – San Francisco Art Institute. My friend Liz and her son Matt came along – Matt is even less of a fan of photos than Logan is, here’s all four of us:

We drove up on Saturday and had all Sunday to do typical San Francisco tourist things:

But our most important thing to do was to visit the campus – I’ve never seen it, and Logan wanted to sit in on a class and meet with the main film professor there, so we spent Monday (and a bit of Tuesday) to do those important things. SFAI is a small visual art school, with about 400 undergrads and 100 grad students in a really nice part of San Franciso, literally one block down and over from the famous twisty part of Lombard St.:

Yes, it’s on a really hilly part of the city. Here’s the front door:

And from the inside:

But what you’re greeted with is this lovely little courtyard:

The buildings are a wonderful mix of lovely murals and really start functional spaces:

The most amazing thing about the buildings is their main gallery where students regularly show their work has this incredible Diego Rivera mural entitled “The Making of a Fresco Showing the Building of a City” , click here to read more about it

These pix don’t do it justice, it was truly amazing!

Part of the school is a much newer addition in the brutalist style, there’s a huge rooftop patio where the school cafe is, so the students eat breakfast/lunch here and see this amazing view each day:

Of course, the most important parts of the visit, Logan’s class visit and discussion with the film professor, have no photos, but they really solidified his love for this school!

2 weekends later, Logan showed his portfolio to representatives from SFAI as well as 4 more colleges he wants to apply for at an overwhelming event called National Portfolio Day which is in San Diego a couple of weeks ago. There were teeming masses of hopeful art students stuffed into 2 different ballrooms at a hotel in downtown San Diego:

but Logan handled it really well and explained his work well to 5 different schools with film 

It was stressful, but we were all happy when it was over!!!