Studio Snapshots | A Larger Cross Body Leather Trim Bag

I’ve wanted to make a larger version of my Cross Body Leather Trim Bag for awhile. The original bag was designed to hold an iPad mini:

I wanted to make more in a different color scheme, and decided that making it a bit bigger, to hold a “regular” sized iPad would be a great size to shoot for. I dyed some twill in my Autumn Splendor colors a few months ago with this in mind,

and then put it on the back burner until now!

I started with the spreadsheet that holds the measurements for my original bag and did some calculating to create a bag that will hold an iPad and made a mockup of it:

I was happy to see that both the outside cell phone pocket and the inside iPad pocket worked just right the first time through! Then I started working on the real thing:

I used linen dyed in my multicolor Autumn Splendor palette for the front flap:

While cutting out the lining pieces from quilting weight fabric I noticed my stock of Autumn Splendor quilt weight was low, so I dyed 2 more yards of each color, along with 2 pieces of linen that are just the right height to become a flap:

So as soon as the bag is complete, I should have the fabric to make 8 more!!!!