Redlands Festival of Arts Show Report!

Well, we had the most fantabulous weather for the Redlands Festival of Arts last weekend! Each day started overcast and cool, and although the clouds cleared, it really didn’t get too hot, I think the hottest was at the end of the show on Sunday and it was probably only 80! Considering it is often in the 90’s and 100’s here in Redlands, this was a major coup!

Each day the show started slowly and foot traffic picked up as the day progressed. I had an absolutely fabulous spot under a big tree, I could hang more quilts on one of my outside walls and there was plenty of room for my to place my 2 scarf wearing mannequins on level ground. Note to self – ask the show organizers if you can have spot 51 next year!!! 🙂

I was able to finish my new “Branch and Bird” series:

My Uncle Tom and Auntie Robin (who live in Pasadena) were able to stop by Sunday morning:

My sales were up a bit from the previous year, which is great, I always want to do a little better than the year before at a show! Overall, this was probably the least stressful and uncomfortable a show has ever been, I’m quite happy! I’m also happy because Summer is officially here!!!!