May Goals Check-in

OK, I had 2 more making weekends until my Memorial Day Weekend show!! I started the weekend with parts of 4 more Zip and Go bags ready for assembly:

Saturday morning I remembered I had 12 more napkin blanks, so decided to indigo dye them for 3 more sets to have in my booth:

May Goals

 Larger Size Leather Cross Strap bag?  May 25    0%
 More Birdie Zip & Go Bags  May 25    100%
 3 sets of Inidgo Dyed Napkins  May 25    100%
 More Zip Wallets  May 25    20%
 Indigo Sketches  May 25    0%
Wonky Rainbow Triangle Wall Quilt  May 25    0%
Calendar Email Sent  May 31    0% 
 Wonky Tree Quilt Pattern  June 1    0%
New Pillows for Living Room March 31  25%
New Quilt for Liam Backburner-ish  20%
New Quilt for Logan Backburner-ish    0%
Larger Cross Body Bag Design Backburner-ish    0%
Stripey Quilt  Backburner-ish    0%
Finish up installing plugins/tweak website design Backburner  30%
Indigo Throw Backburner-ish    0%
Update Tutorials on Website Backburner    0%
Update Galleries on Website Backburner    0%
New curtains for our bedroom! Backburner    0%
Mod House Quilt back burner    0%


By the end of the weekend, the napkins were washed, dried, ironed and folded, the Zip and Go Bags were finished and I’d started on some Zip wallets! I’m going to try to pick away at the wallets this week at night, LOL! In between teaching, and grading, and teaching FMQ at the Redlands Sewing Center this Tuesday afternoon and evening, I don’t know how much time I’ll have, but I’m gonna try!!!!!