Fun Times in Seattle!

Last week Logan and I spent 5 days in the Pacific Northwest looking at 3 colleges. 2 were busts, so I won’t mention them, but the one school that has been his favorite since we discovered it last Fall is Cornish College of the Arts, and it was just as awesome and perfect for him as we both hoped!!!!

The school is small, less than 500 students, he would get a BFA in film there. We had plenty of time in Seattle to visit family (Andrew’s sister and Brother-in-law and my Auntie Candy) and my friend from college Julie and her family.

Here are some general sight seeing pictures:

We did Pike’s Place market with Uncle Shaun and Aunt Ann (who hates posing for pix). Completely randomly, a dancer from the CA State Summer School for the Arts Logan attended last Summer saw him in the street and said “Hey, your the kid with the movie about the rocks!!!” She was in town looking at another college, such a small world!

We met Julie and her family at the aquarium that Logan loved: I told him if he goes to Cornish he can get a membership and stop in whenever he wanted!

We totally fell in love the the Chihuly, Logan kept snagging my phone (the iPhone X) and taking all these cool panoramas, he’ll need a membership to here as well!

Throughout our visit we kept visiting different donut shops, just to make sure he was having a good time:

Our favorite was Mighty-O!