I Love Color! My Online Dyeing Classes on Sale Until February 15th!!!

Here in Southern California, temperatures are just about ideal for dyeing all throughout the day! Most of the year it’s so hot in my backyard that I usually have to hurry up and try to finish dyeing by 11 AM, but this time of year I can head out at 3 in the afternoon if I need a little color!!!! Dishpans that look like this:

hold scarves that end up looking like this:

and fabric looking like this:

No matter where you live though, you can carve out the time and space to dye delicious fabric, inside or out! If you don’t know, I have a series of self-paced online classes (that don’t have an expiration date) where you can learn everything I know about dyeing fabric with fiber reactive dyes!

Whether you want a simple class that lets you dip your toes into dyeing:

a class that teaches you how to dye the Candiotic Table of Elemental Color, and a lot about controlling the hues that you dye:

a class filled with ways to dye your fabric with delicious textures:

a class that teaches you how to dye glorious multi-color cotton fabrics:

or one that teaches you how to dye absolutely gorgeous multi-color silk fabric:

I’ve got the class for you! Click on the pix above to learn more about each individual class, or read all about them here on my classes page. And if you register by February 15th,you can save 25% on registration (no code necessary), woohoo!!!!