Tried and True Pie Recipes

Each year we invite a lot of people to enjoy Thanksgiving with us and I make lots of PIE!


We’ve cooked Thanksgiving for lots of people pretty much our whole married life, and there’s always been enough people that we would have needed 2-3 pies to have enough for everyone, but what KIND of pie was always a big discussion point. Not everyone likes pumpkin, and from there, a LOT of favorite pies emerge, so….Why not make them all??? 😉 Because our guests leave at the end of the day, we can send leftovers with them, and also: PIE FOR BREAKFAST!


Ahem! So, my baking day would always begin by finding the right recipes for each pie, and it became quite a chore to remember where they all were, and often I had additions or subtractions to the recipes, so I began creating my own pie cookbook to avoid the scurry for all my recipes in cookbooks and on the internet!

Festival of Pie!

If you’d like a copy of these recipes, CLICK HERE to download it!

Let the baking begin!