Show Report | Art, for Heaven’s Sake 2017

This year we updated two walls of my booth setup and I am so happy with how it looks now!

This new slatted wall allows me to really show off my art quilts more!

I had originally wanted hubby to build even more shelves to run along the bottom, but this clothesline ended up being super easy, and I love the way it looks, it emphasizes the wood which we started using years ago because it was light and cheap! I did worry about the pillows falling off the line onto the ground, so a five minute search of an online rug store whose email was in my inbox found me this 9.5 foot runner for $30 (with free shipping!)

This wall has more pegs for bags, moveable shelves that can hold light 3-d objects like my Row Houses and Handy Standup boxes and more slats for more art quilts. I’m so greatful that hubby was able to create what was in my head!!!!.

The show begins with a 7-10 pm gala reception, so we have to light the tent. Although I hate the wire spaghetti up above, my booth is well lit at night time:

Setup went really well this year: hubby had a busy afternoon, so he spent the morning with a friend getting the bones of the booth up, so when I arrived at noon after teaching in the morning he could get the big pieces hung with my direction. Then he left, and I spent the afternoon with Julia hanging the rest of the art. It all felt much less rushed, so much so that I had time for a happy selfie before the part on Friday night.

Some years the party is so crowded that it’s hard to sell much, this year it wasn’t too crowded and sales were brisk, hooray! Sales were also brisk for most of Saturday, (with a lull around late lunch time). The Autumn Splendor palette bags sold much better than the indigo ones, so I’ve got to make more of those. I was quite surprised that the indigo pillows got little attention, I guess the bulk of the crowds in my little corner of the world don’t read design blogs and therefor don’t realize that indigo dyed anything is hot hot hot right now!!! To offset that, I brought in some colorful pillow for Sunday, and although i originally was going to swap them out for some of the pillows on the clothesline, I realized they looked nice sitting on the rug in front:

I had quite a successful weekend, it ended up being so hot on Sunday that the lunchtime lull turned into the afternoon lull, so I didn’t beat my best year’s total, but I came close!!! 

Here’s a shot from last year:

What do you think…is this new back wall better then this???