October Goals Check In

This week has flown by! The show kept me extremely busy all weekend, and now I’m playing catch up with grading etc…at the day job! I’ll write up a post about the show soon, but wanted to take a look at my list and see what’s what!

October Goals

 Second FMQ Club Pattern  October 9  100%
 Glue Resist Indigo Pillows  October 12  100%
 8 Cross Body Bags  October 12  100%
 1-2 Row Houses  October 12  100%
 Hanging plan, tags, signs for booth   October 12  100%
Sew Logan’s Costume  October 27  0%
Third FMQ Club Pattern  November 1  0%
Calendar email to students   November 1  0%
Get new bags up on shop website!  November 1  0%
Dye scarves to top up inventory  December 8  0%
New Laptop bag for work laptop  November 1  0%
 4 Autumn Splendor Zip & Go’s  December 8  0%
 3 Autumn Splendor Leather Handle Totes  December 8  0%
 Larger Cross Body Bag Design  December 8  0%
 Deep Clean & paint Studio   December 8  0%
New Quilt for Liam November 20 20%
Indigo Throw Backburner-ish  0%
Stripey Quilt  Backburner-ish  0%
New Quilt for Logan Backburner-ish  0%
Finish up installing plugins/tweak website design Backburner 30%
Update Tutorials on Website Backburner 0%
Update Galleries on Website Backburner 0%
New curtains for our bedroom! Backburner 0%
Mod House Quilt back burner 0%


As you can see, I came up with a lot of new things to make! Woohoo!

And since no post is complete without a post, here’s a selfie I took Friday late afternoon once the booth was set up:

I’m so happy with the new setup and can’t wait to show you!