Studio Snapshot | Indigo Dyeing Scarves and Tees

I’ve got a show coming up in just over a month, eek! My hand dyed silk scarf stocks are pretty much good to go, but I really needed some more indigo dyed scarves. I use one blank for my indigo dyeing, it’s a generously sized 17” x 80” and is made from a light, airy fabric that is 70% cotton/30% silk, the fabric is semi sheer and has a slight sheen from the silk; I think it’s pretty much the perfect scarf blank! I also had a couple of white tee shirts that I bought from J. Jill that I wanted to dye. Here’s some shots I captured just as the sun was setting and I’d unfolded all the scarves; I always hang them up like this so that the final oxidation from green to blue can happen quickly:

As always, it’s torture to have to wait for the washing and drying so the final result can be seen. One nice thing about Indigo dyeing is that process is much shorter than when I dye with fiber reactive dyes!