Practical Sewing | A Hanging Basket for Delicate Laundry

Earlier this year we spiffied up my laundry room:

Since then it’s been such a joy to do laundry in there. Well, maybe saying laundry gives me joy is a stretch, but…it’s a much happier place to be! And with everything looking so spiffy, my old solution of sorting out delicates wasn’t cutting it. (A pile of underwear and bras on top of the dryer until it got big enough to justify a load disturbs my feng shui!) So I decided to make a hanging basket for just such a purpose!

I used Soft and Stable foam to give the basket shape and support. I also made a stiff bottom from 2 layers of Peltex, and it keeps its shape very nicely:

I really love being able to sew up just the right thing for my house that makes a necessary thing beautiful, and completely functional!!