Show Report | Redlands Festival of Arts, 2017

Well, the show last weekend had just about perfect weather! Overcast and in the 70s for the setup on Friday, a bit warmer on Saturday, and warmer still on Sunday, but my EZ-up was shaded most of the day so even on Sunday it was very pleasant inside!!! 

I didn’t get a TON of time to take pix, but I did get some. Here’s me and the booth:

Because I was on a corner I was able to put some quilts on the outside wall:

Here’s what it looks like right around my booth:

Here’s a quick video I shot on the second morning:


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Sales were okay on Saturday, and good on Sunday, so overall the show was a success. I also got to connect with some new folks who want to learn Free Motion Quilting, that’s always good!

My web designer Mary dropped by, wearing her indigo zip and go purse, and found a scarf and leather handled linen tote that needed to go home with her, she’s a perfect Candied Fabrics customer!

I’ll definitely apply for this show next year! It was well organized, and the nice bathrooms and tasty food trucks close by, it was very comfortable to participate!