Studio Snapshots | Indigo Dyeing Scarves

Last Saturday I spent the day dyeing a dozen scarves with indigo. The scarf blanks I use are a lightweight  weave of 70% cotton and 30% silk; the silk gives them just a bit of shimmer.

I also dyed some pieces of sateen to make some zip and go bags, I’ve got a show coming up this weekend:

Each of the small pieces on the right are just big enough to cut the front and back for one bag, those 2 long skinny pieces are the length of the strap, with enough width for me to cut four or five straps.

The pictures above were taken just a few minutes after I’d unfolded all the pieces and the indigo had oxidized. After I wash these out, subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) variations in the blue appear:

Of course, they all need ironing…they sit draped on the handrail outside my studio reminding me of that fact!