1 | The Start of an Improv Log Cabin-ish Quilt for Liam

My son Liam has needed a bigger quilt on his bed at home since the big one I made for him went to Vanderbilt with him last year! It stays in Nashville over the summer while Liam makes do with this fun quilt I made for Jamie Fingal’s fabric launch a couple years ago:

(Here’s a funny picture of Liam helping hold the quilt for its photoshoot:)

I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to do for quite awhile, and made this pillow almost a year ago to try the idea out:

Basically, lots of navy surrounding wonky improvisationally pieced log cabin-ish bits! So, I pulled out my big bin of jewel tone palette scraps and some big pieces of different shades of navy and starting stitching away when I had some free time, or was just sick of grading! Here are some quick pix I took with my iphone, at all different times of day/lighting, but you get the drift!

After the first four blocks I noticed that I was using a lot of longer gold logs, so will not do that for a couple more blocks. Looking at the pillow I see that the piecing was less tied to the traditional round the center piecing than these are, so I want to now add some blocks that are more like this pillow I made:

I’m excited to keep on going with this!!!!