8 | My Wonky Tree Quilt is Done!

Tadah! My improvisationally pieced Wonky Tree quilt is DONE!!!! If you’d like to read the process of how this quilt was constructed, here are those posts.

First I took it outside for a photo shoot:

Then I brought it inside where I envision it will live, on my glorious chartreuse chair!

Besides the fact that I’ve got a Christmas quilt above the mantle, and that curtain needs to be spread out, this room looks pretty much spot on what I’ve been working towards since we redid the Kitchen/Family Room almost four years ago! I’ve left the Christmas quilt there because it’s the perfect size, and I want it to BUG ME to make something else that same size to put over the mantle. I need to GET ON THAT!

But first, I need to take more pix of it now that it’s been washed and dried, because I LOVE the crinkly goodness that happens after the dryer…stay tuned! 😉