4 | Piecing Continues on my Wonky Tree Quilt

This week was pretty busy with mid-terms before Spring Break, but I got a bit of piecing done over the week, and then lots of progress on Saturday! My plan is to have 3 large pieces, the rows across the top, and then two rectangles down below, that I’ll quilt using my Quilt as You Go with No Sashing technique. So I started in the upper left corner (of the lower left section):

As I’m piecing, i sometimes need a tree of a particular size/color so I make a new one, here I’m figuring out the size of a grey tree:

Here’s the second section finished!

Here’s the lower right section half pieced:

As I work towards the end, I needed to make 3 more trees:

But I’m also considering adding a cabin in the woods instead!

What do you think?